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Clinical Monitoring and Reporting Interface 

strategy, UX, UI, user testing

Mistakes in administering drugs are a major source of in-hospital medical errors. Working with Kelton Research, for Hospira, a manufacturer of drug pumps, I led the re-design of a web-based interface used to visualize data collected from a network of hospital-bedside drug-infusion devices. The interface allows users to monitor ongoing infusions, review historic data, and generate custom reports.

Our process included: an analysis of existing research inputs, the creation of personas and flows, iterative wireframing, visual design exploration and building prototypes for testing, in multiple domestic and international markets.

Deliverables included annotated wireframes, a visual design template and a detailed research report. I participated in every stage of the process, led the UX development and visual design, moderated user testing, and worked closely with clients throughout the project.