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Taking on Pancreatic Cancer, Together

Perlmutter Cancer Center


Strategy, Writing, Production 

As part of the redesign, we were asked to evolve the role of video within the Perlmutter site. Video is the best way connect quickly and emotionally with visitors, show the facilities, and give prospective patients the chance to see and hear from the experts they’re seeking.  


Research made it quickly clear that patients don’t look for general cancer content, but look through the specific lens of their particular type of cancer. At the same time, making a unique video for each specialization was impractical and unnecessary. We took an approach by which one video can be re-edited with short segments specific to each cancer practice area – efficiently creating videos relevant to each user population, while maintaining quality and a deliberate tone across the series.


As creative director, I oversaw development and planning, and directed the shoots on set through post production.

Taking on Lung Cancer, Together


Accenture Interactive



Aaron Shoon Director, Rod Lamborn Director of Production, Camera Operator, Sweet Eye Production, Post-Production