© 2019 by Aaron Shoon

Perlmutter Cancer Center


Research, Strategy, Branding, UX & UI, Copy, Photography, and Video 

As creative director I led a team tasked to deliver a new, responsive site design. as well as site content for the Perlmutter Center. The site provides detailed clinical information, and helps patients manage treatment logistics. Our challenge was to make it easy for visitors, often under great physical and emotional stress, to find what they need, and to bring the brand to life by conveying the advanced care and sensitivity patients find at Perlmutter. 

Our research included interviews with clinical staff, time spent at the hospital, and interviews with cancer patients at various stages of treatment. We spent a week inside the hospital shooting photos and video to document the community. The site is highly functional, and presents the impressive clinical offering with warmth and hope.


Max Springer, Art Direction & Design; Joel Tretin, IA, Content Straetgy, Copy;  Wei Pan, UX; Rod Lamborn, Photography